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Accessorize with SMIK

We have a hand full of products to compliment our fine range of SUP boards.

T-SHIRTS   -  Very stylish and wide range of SMIK designs.


HATS - Gotta be sunsmart and stylish.


PADDLES - 100% carbon fixed paddles. Tapered shafts, extremely light weight, strong and ergonomic.


ROOF RACK PADS - Can't talk those up much. They're roof rack pads that don't fly away and protect your boards and roof.


LEGROPES 9' - As the label says: super strong and comfortable for the extra torsion applied by SUP boards. Wide ankle cuff with thick padding that resists twisting and stainless steel bearings swivels for friction-free motion. Only come in one size.

BOARDBAGS - Dang good board bags suitable for day use and travel, at a reasonable price. Available in four sizes:

7'7 - 8'0 / 8'2 - 8'8 / 9'0 - 9'5 / 10'0.


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