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The Mongrel

7'4" x 29" x 100L

8'4" x 31" x 134L

7'8" x 30" x 112L

8'8" x 32" x 143L



The Mongrel is called a mongrel because it's not a pure breed. It's not a designated foil board. It's not a designated surfing board. It's a board with many breeds. Impure but very lovable all the same.


It's an evolution of the Transformer (which itself was an evolution of the Hipster Twin), becoming more specialized towards its flying aspects, primarily by becoming shorter with less swing weight.


Its overall outline has also become more stumpy with a wider tail than the Hipster Twin. The rocker line is flatter, making it quicker to accelerate whilst surfing and quicker to get into the air on the foil.

It's also a great entry-level board for learning how to wing foil, and an amazing freeride windsurf foil board, as it's fitted with a short mast track (not shown on photo) and footstrap inserts.

It's the ultimate travel board without a shadow of a doubt, maximizing time on the water for when you go on holiday. Four sports in one board. Unparalleled versatility.

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