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Vibrations Positives

When I first saw the board I couldn’t believe how good it looked, and then how light it was.


When I got it in the water, it took some adjustments but I got to pushing it places I’d only ever pushed a surfboard. It's probably too fast to call a SUP, maybe we can work on another name for it!


This little 7'5" x 26.5" hits the elusive supping sweet spot. Nimble and fast down the line, big on glide and can be whipped around like a surfboard.


The first sub 7'6" meeting every criteria. Stability, pre-wave acceleration with riding performance.


I've had my 8'5" x 27.5" Semi Gun out in the biggest waves I'd ever hope to encounter.


It was rock solid giving me the confidence to push further, knowing you could lean into a bottom turn without holding back. It held speed beautifully with the pintail allowing for clean arcing turns.


Scotty has nailed it on this one.

Paul Laner

My 7'6" is a terror of a little board.


Glides through dead sections and still turns like a short board. It's the first SUP I can surf properly.


Highly recommend grabbing a SMIK production or custom.

Billy Hampton

I really like that board.

Philip Köster about the Spitfire 8'3"

I'm $#@&ing blown away by my Hipster Twin 8'3".


It suits my style perfectly. Find it needs to be in the pocket and loves going vertical. Really happy it paddles so well and I can catch waves no worries. Actually super easy to pull onto waves.


The SMIK has me mate. I'm stoked with it. 

Sam Serikowski

I LOVE my new board! The best I've ever had.


Wave SUP surfing for me in a new dimension!

Bettina and Martin Kohl

I reckon this new Spitty is so sick!

Chardy about the Spitfire 8'3"

The Hipster Twin... it's amazing! Really fast and can turn very vertical.

Vilayta about the Hipster Twin 6'10"

Day 1: Shit 1-2ft windy slop - loved the extra stability over my old board but didn't really get to feel her.

Day 2: Beautiful clean head high right handers - absolutely loved her!!!

Day 3: Fat sluggish 1-2ft waves, strong off-shore winds; still loved her!

Mel McMannus about the Hipster Twin 8'6"

Had a few surfs on my Hipster 7'5" and I only have to look and it turns.


I can tell I'm going to have a lot of fun on this.

Kim Moyes

That Hipster Twin 7'10" is really amazing.

Best probably summed up by a young mate of mine who is always giving me shit about being an old kook: "F#@% you can ride that thing."

Has been extremely durable. Probably had 300 hours and only got a couple of scratches. 

Warren 'Busta' Birmingham

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