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Bonza Shortboard

 The Bonza 

 8'0" x 29" x 106L      8'4" x 30" x 114L      8'8" x 31" x 125L      9'5" x 32.5" x 140L



Old world designs come back to life once again with the Bonza.


In contrast to the Hipster Twin, however, which is all about looseness and tight rail turns, the Bonza is a stark contrast that wants to draw out your turns at speed. Bringing an elegant drawn-out hyper-speed rail game into your surfing. 


A relatively full nose into smooth outline curve feeding into a wider area pintail. This provides a smooth balanced and stable platform to start with.

Its bottom shape is what marries up to this perfectly. A single concave nose that leads into a deep double concave that runs from the midpoint out through a fairly heavy V in the tail. 

The deep double concave creates a flat rocker out the tail of the board whilst maintaining rocker curve on the outline, which marries up with the outline curve through the tail. 

So it has a smooth carving outline which contains and creates speed when on the front foot driving down the line and then rocks around on its tail outline when you step back on the back foot. 

And when that flat rocker and five fin system fits into the speed spot of the wave, the speed and acceleration are unparalleled. As a thruster, it has the same speedy sensations, but with a more traditional fin gripped driven sensation. 

Everything old is new again, yet again. ​

 Lord  Bonza 

Longboard Versions

Bonza Longboard

9'0" x 29" - 119L                9'0" x 30" - 125L               9'0" x 32" - 140L

 10'0 x 28" - 133L       10'0 x 29" - 135L       10'0 x 30" - 144L       10'0 x 34" - 174L

Smik 05.jpg

The sensations of the Bonza naturally lent themselves to evolving into a longboard variation of the design.

The double concave through the longer line accelerates the water through the flatter rocker in the middle of the concave, whilst allowing carving on the curve of the rails to place turns at lightning speed.

Where the Bonza Longboard really excels is holding a line at speed in larger surf, whilst also being adept in smaller, more traditional longboard gutless surf.

The transition from going hard and fast off the bottom is unparalleled in a longer board. 

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